Reader Opinion – “To the gangs who terrorize our city”

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Introducing “Reader Opinion.”

LynnHappens accepts essays, editorials and general musings from its readers, and gives them the same front page space as other content in order to provoke what is hopefully – healthy conversation. LH reserves the right to truncate or edit as necessary, but it never does so without permission of the author.

Having gotten that out of the way, here is our very first, sent by P.A. Giguere:

To the gangs who terrorize our city:

First, you need to change your moniker to domestic terrorists. You are quantum leaps beyond anyone’s definition of gangs.

I am not an expert on domestic terrorism. I have no college degrees or personal history into what motivates you to continue your terrorist activities. I am just an ordinary citizen: A citizen who-like many-can no longer tolerate your carnage.

What positive contributions can be realized from your predatory plundering?  Often in very public places resulting in the loss of innocent lives? I fail to understand the purpose of your very existence and am at a loss to understand the logic or common sense of that mentality.

You have this family type bond as a terrorist group. You are closer to them than your biological family members. You display this false sense of empowerment which emboldens you to commit your terrorist acts. Along with this come all the outward material trappings of your membership: the colors of your clothing, your walk, your talk, the tattoos, your weapons of choice the arrogant “world owes me everything” attitude and your unabashed, shamelessly proud pronouncements of your terrorist affiliations.  What I find most interesting is the metamorphous when you are required to appear in a courtroom.  Gone are the “colors”, the attitude and the pronouncements. Replaced by quiet, respectful looking choirboys: or you hide your faces all together. And who shows up to support you? A few other terrorist perhaps. But it’s your mom; dad, sister or brother you turn to isn’t it?

Often times your terrorism is over territorial disputes that aren’t your territories to begin with.  They’re a residence or business or street corner or neighborhood. Other times your terrorist acts are the result of one-or more-members being “dissed” by a rival. And beating or killing them is your solution. I fail to see the logic in this as well. Respect is neither granted nor demanded. It is earned. Which begs the question: How can either group demand respect from the other when it is blatantly obvious that neither has any for themselves?

Scholars, law enforcement, social workers, the clergy, politicos and ordinary citizens have tried to show you a positive path to travel. Millions of dollars, scores of years and the dedication of a legion of people have contributed to the effort.  A plethora of programs, education, jobs, housing and money have been offered. Some have tried to broker a truce or two. Yet countless families, friends and loved-ones continue to cry oceans of tears, suffer mountains of grief, anguish and pain. They continue to bury their children, parents, brothers and sisters. Many of whom were innocent bystanders.

I have concluded that you serve no redeeming purpose nor do you want to.  You have absolutely no idea why you persist in being a plague on this city and, most importantly, you don’t care. You will never be a giver; only a taker. You have pledged allegiance to a terrorist group bent on nothing less than the destruction of this city. You are one of the principal causes of its continued deterioration. You are a cancer. A destructive parasite on all the vital resources of our city. Because of you, many other deserving residents are being held hostage from realizing their aspirations. Maybe that’s a piece of the puzzle? You have none so you continue to begrudge others .The old “I don’t have so you can’t have” mentality. Whatever the reasons, I no longer care. I DO care that law-biding, contributing residents of this city no longer feel safe in their own homes. A trip to the grocery store or the beach can result in someone’s funeral. It simply has got to stop!

To those who run this city: Though my opinion may be shared by many, I shall speak for myself.  I am sick and tired of navigating this “mine field” called Lynn. It has become-quite literally- a war zone. I’m outraged at how terrorists are coddled. They know the rules. They COUNT on them. They also know our judicial system has become a revolving door. And they laugh in our faces as they go through it. Enough already! No more studies, focus groups, commissions or surveys. No more bargains, negotiations or truces. We have laws that govern this city. If they no longer are adequate, then let’s work together to change them. Need more jails or prisons? Then, as much as I dislike the idea, let’s find ways to get them built. If any of these terrorists are here illegally, then let’s get them deported.  Any terrorists left standing who really want to change direction? Insist that they EARN it. Something needs to be done and quickly. Otherwise, there will be no one left to govern EXCEPT the terrorists! You think we have fiscal troubles now. They most certainly are not going to make anything of themselves in order to contribute. Most importantly, they REALLY don’t care what happens to this city. When there’s nothing left they will scurry -like cockroaches-to someplace else and the cycle will continue. And to those who say good-riddens? Remember: that’s exactly what some other city said when the terrorists wore out their welcome and they infested this city. Waste needs to be eliminated. Not moved around.

P.A. Giguere

Lynn, MA

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Don’t say that out loud. They’ll never pay you now!!! 🙂

actually that’s a great idea. I’m researching grants now. I’ve always been more interested in the philanthropy part of architecture than the business money making side.

thanks for the thought

lol.. yeah. and i’ld be cheaper than all the outside consultants they hire for planning. nothing ever makes sense does it.

o what to do with us?

lol.. haha.

angel lynn

craigslist! all over the u.s.

why do they allow prostitution ads! all the personal ads inquire about sex for something.

this has to be shut down. hot heads respond to these ads, only try to find people and give them beatings. or expose them to their friends. kind of funny

angel lynn

there used to be an act from the governement where they would buy back the guns off the street. it worked for a while, before they screwed it up. they started arresting the people that were returning the guns if the weapon was tied to a recent investigation. but what they didn’t realize is that the gun traveled through many hands. those who brought in the guns didn’t know if the gun was used in a crime. i think the government should bring this call of action back. but have a 3rd party involved, where police and detectives can’t screw… Read more »

angel lynn

since the early 90’s most of the asians that were in this city moved to lawrence. i was invited to a festival there by a good asian friend who used to live in lynn. I was the only ‘light-skinned’ person there. everyone was sweet, but it was sad to see pamplets in their place of religion to educate the young (men) about guns. They don’t know about the mandatory sentencing if caught with a gun and ammo. Education is the key, possibly. because they only struggle to have the things right away they see others having. but little do they… Read more »


Since I’ve lived in Lynn (1996-1997) it seems the city has gotten more violent. Yet,I do believe that being civically involved in one’s city allows a person to feel empowered, and vital in a community. The poor immigrant population of Lynn is not going away. So a strong, compassionate, intelligent leadership is what will make Lynn a city where it’s citizen’s feel empowered to reach the potential they came to america to accomplish. A sense of hopelessness pervades Lynn, and this hopelessness turns to anger, rage and violence. Only when hope comes to Lynn, will all these citizens that are… Read more »

mark palermo

Coleen- I’m all for celebrating diversity. America is an immigrant culture and we all have roots in other lands- but do you seriously think that having ethnic festivals is going to mitigate the problem? You mentioned that you lived in Lynn years ago- would you still see it the same way if you lived in Lynn now and you had to deal with this cancer up close?


I lived in Lynn years ago. I lived on Light Street. I had asian neighbors, along with neighbors of other ethnic descent. It seems there is a problem with young asian boys getting involved in gang activity. After thinking about this reality, I wondered why there weren’t any asian festivals in lynn. There are greek, italian etc. festivals. I really think if the asian youth had annual community festivals that celebrate their uniqueness, and value to lynn’s multicultural community, their self-esteem might increase. How many greek, italian youths do you see terrorizing their neighborhood? I think lynn needs to encourage… Read more »