Fernando’s Restaurante

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Review by Stacey

For the first time in a while I found myself in my office at 23 Central Ave during lunch time. This is a rarity for me since my past months seem to be filled with turning over apartments or shuttling my daughter to and from activities.  I was craving a Chicken Caesar salad wrap from Le Petit cafe.  I looked them up online and ordered.

On my way to pick it up imagine my surprise when I could not find Le Petit!  In its place was “Fernando’s Restaurante”.  Le Petit was no longer.  I was sad only for 2 seconds until I went inside to pick up my order.

I was greeted by the owners who were lovely.  The menu is similiar to that of Le Petit, an affordable lunch option of “higher end” sandwiches, but now with breakfast and Latin food options as well!


The wrap was excellent, full of fresh chicken! The place is clean and has a small area to sit down as well.

I’ll be back!

Fernando’s Restaurante
23 Munroe Street
(781) 598-5250

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Fernando’s is the best. I have never been disappointed by anything I’ve ordered, and have started to order whatever the special is. It is always something new, and always something delicious.

Fernando’s has the best CUBANO sandwich around, If you around there, you can smell the Roasted pork and Plantains, something irresistible..

keep up ! Fernando’s

Thanks to this review I finally trekked over there after 3 years of saying I was going to try the place that is now closed.

I had an amazing chicken and gorgonzola sandwich last week. Phenomenal.