Artist Profile: Karen Johnson

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by Seth Albaum

You may have seen Lynn artist Karen Johnson’s work at the Meet Me Downtown Festival of the Arts, where you can purchase prints of her artwork, primarily of local landscapes and landmarks. She sat down with me at Tatiana’s, examples in hand,  to talk about it. (click these to listen)

The Capitol Diner on Union Street

Karen Johnson on depicting local landmarks.

The Stone Tower in Lynn Woods (Tower renovations are now near completion)

Karen Johnson creates most of her art in her home in Lynn. Sometimes she or her wife Hope takes photos of subjects as a reference. As far as her medium goes,  “It’s watercolor I primarily work in, pastels, and sometimes charcoal” says Johnson. Here, she explains her technique.

A trip to New Mexico influenced her use of colors. Karen Johnson also finds inspiration closer to home.   “I draw a lot on Lynn Shore Drive.”

The artist speaks about living in Lynn.

At age twelve Johnson decided to send in an art test she received in the mail. “I thought…I like drawing characters. I’ll take this test and see if I have any talent. It came back and said ‘Yes, you have talent’ and I thought…’Cool!'” She has an Associate’s in Fashion Illustration from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a Master’s in Art Therapy from Lesley University. She works as a college Career Counselor. While it may not be her full time job, she says about art, “I can’t imagine not having it in my life, that makes absolutely no sense to me.”

LH readers interesting in purchasing this Artist’s work can email Karen Johnson directly at

If you or someone else you know would be a good candidate for this series, please use the “Contact” option at the top of this website. Creators of all media, including 2d, sculpture, movement, audio and video are welcome.

Tides in Nahant

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Karen, I met you at the Meet You Downtown Festival last September. I love that you paint local landmarks. You are a great asset to the Lynn community.

Nancy Jukins

What a great article, KJ!
Sue and I are honored to have own of your pieces hanging in our home.

Great work Karen.. Love to see your work in person soon. Any chance of organizing a show with your wonderful work?