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Here are two recent letters to the Editor. Information on how to submit your own, follows.


Remember when Wal-Mart was as American as apple pie…

“In the 1980s, if you can believe it, Sam Walton and Wal-Mart not only used to have a “Buy America” program, but Wal-Mart made a public commitment to “buying everything possible from suppliers who manufacture their products in the United States.” In fact, Sam Walton understood that losing good-paying, middle class American manufacturing jobs, exploding trade deficits, and a dependence on foreign imports was bad for America, bad for hard working families, and in the end, bad for Wal-Mart.

But that was then… this is now.

Now, it’s safe to say, Wal-Mart likes to buy from anywhere but America.
Wal-Mart’s “Buy America program” has become a “Buy China” program that makes Wal-Mart and China stronger while weakening the American economy.” (by wakeupwalmart.com)

If you don’t believe me, here is Sam Walton’s letter of concern for the American economy back in 1985!


If you want to fight for a better America, an America where we protect the American dream and jobs, not reward corporations like the new Wal-Mart for shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas, then stand up and speak out today to save our neighborhoods, woods, and economy.
The shoemakers here in Lynn fought to keep their local economy alive before the industrial revolution took out small business practice.  They rallied, they fought, some took their skills to their death,  and some found jobs in the mega industry… which left them behind in the end.

The only way to bring back our economy, is to bring back our small businesses.”
Aikaterini Panagiotakis

“I am writing because a local architect has drafted a plan to have a dog fountain built at Red Rock park in Lynn. I am hoping that you will help support her efforts to have this fountain built by voting at the link below, as often as you can remember to, or on a daily basis, until April 30th. I support this project for multiple reasons: (Please disregard the numbers as order of importance, or rearrange as you see fit and help spread the word.)

1. Because it will employ a local sculptor and create a public art piece, bringing more attention to Lynn as a creative community.

2. Because it will be built in an area where hundreds of people walk their pets and could become a meeting place in the community for people from Nahant to Lynn to Swampscott, and those who travel from beyond the three coastal towns to enjoy the beautiful ocean walk way, to engage in conversation and help breakdown the stereotypes that cloud the city of Lynn, while their dogs deservedly refresh themselves.

3. Because dogs need dog friends and dogs from Nahant, Swampscott, Lynn, etc. see no color, nationality or creed and could meet and teach their masters a thing or two about being blind to stereotypes, and can deservedly refresh themselves.

4. Because our city deserves nice things as much as any other city.

5. Because you want to make someone (and me) happy.

Please vote, and vote often.”


Jocelyn Almy-Testa
Director, TLGUTS
The Little Gallery Under the Stairs
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