Work by Men

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Andy Moerlein, Remnant, Balance

The Little Gallery Under The Stairs will unveil its latest exhibition this Saturday, July 31st from 3-5pm, featuring art exclusively by men.

It’s a new and bold step for the 25 Exchange Street gallery, also known for its series, “VOICES: Mothers Who Create” and other feminine explorations.

And for a gallery known to attract artists and patrons from all over the map, this new exhibit features a high number of Lynn artists, including Daniel Arcand, Sean Lobdell, and Steve Negron. Other artists include Chris Barber, Dick Buckley, Crist Filer, Fran Gardino, Basil El Halgway, Andy Moerlein, Brian Murphy, and Peter Pizzi. (Some of whom may also be local)

Work by Men is curated by Haig Demarjian, who’s artist statement follows:


Over the course of my career I have seen specialized and exclusive “niche” exhibitions proliferate and become increasingly specific and exclusionary. I am 100% in favor of under-represented, underexposed groups being showcased and spotlighted– but it sometimes seems that to be considered worth exhibiting you need to be a one-armed Alaskan lesbian who does large-scale site-specific installations integrating traditional raku-fired ceramics with time-based digital media. The “niche” show is no longer the exception, but the rule.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m of Armenian descent, a member of a tiny ethnic group which has been notoriously oppressed, persecuted and nearly exterminated — this heritage makes me cheer when I see an under-represented, unnoticed or marginalized group get recognized or presented with an opportunity. To look at me, one wouldn’t think that I am a member of a minority group—for all intents and purposes I am a white, middle-class heterosexual male.

Rest assured, this disqualifies me for the majority of “niche” opportunities.

Guiltily I must admit that I have often wondered what would happen if someone said, “Hey! How about if to be considered for this show you’ve gotta be a… GUY.”

But that could never happen. That’s so insulting to SO many groups. It would really piss some people off. Who would have the BALLS to do such a thing?

Answer: Jocelyn Almy-Testa, that’s who.

I was honored and surprised when she came to me with this idea and asked me to jury this show.

In addition to having such commendable curatorial vision, Jocelyn is a consummate professional who sets an exceptionally high standard. Jocelyn and her Little Gallery Under The Stairs provide a very intimate and selective environment—this demanded that I select works reflective of her commitment to showing high-quality, compelling, daring work.

I kept these parameters in mind and the resultant show is as unique and intriguing as TLGUTS and Jocelyn Almy-Testa.

To quote the one and only Bon Scott, “She’s got balls.”

Haig Demarjian
July 2010″

The Little Gallery Under the Stairs located at 25 Exchange Street in Lynn, MA. and is owned and operated by Jocelyn Almy Testa. Work by Men runs from July 31st to August 10th.

Note: The LynnArts annual Member’s Exhibit will be taking place upstairs from 2-4pm. See events calendar for more.

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Looking forward to this show. We’ll be over there shortly.

I’m not offended by this comment. I need to be healed from white collar males, so please heal me with your male art!!!!!!! If this offends anyone, then prove to all us survivors of male violence, that you are against violence of vulnerable humans at all costs. This is the path this lesbian has taken!!!