School Committee Budget Hearing and Meeting 8-31-10

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There are two videos here. The first is the public hearing on the budget, and the second is a regular School Committee meeting that includes budget discussion and a five to two vote of approval.

The lecture hall at the Breed Middle School had a buzz, probably from lighting ballasts, that can not be removed from the audio. Also, Committee members were inconsistent in their use of microphones, making it very difficult to hear some of the discussion, even for some of those present in the room at the time of the meeting. Turn the volume way up in those parts and speech should be audible enough.

(LynnHappens only supplies the camera. The sound system was presumably the school’s.)

Public Hearing on the budget:

School Committee meeting:

Note from the Editor: LynnHappens would like to provide the same kind of coverage for all School Committee meetings that it provides for City Council. However, resources for Thursday meetings are not available at this time. If other members of the Lynn community would like to submit their recorded videos of future School Committee meetings, they will be accepted for posting on LH as long as they are without commentary (in the video) and gavel-to-gavel (the whole thing). Use the “Contact” tab above. Thank you.

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