School Committee 10-28-10

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Leymi Olivero address the School Committee

Editor’s note: Lynn Happens wishes it had the time and human capital to cover every School Committee meeting. This one in particular was covered, largely due to the chatter of area blogs and on Facebook Wednesday, overwhelmingly in support of the Ingalls School Farm run by The Food Project. A vote on renewing The Food Project’s lease had scheduled.

Within the course of a day, Lynn bloggers posted and reposted their positions and circulated a petition. The opposing side had already built up their case and collected door-to-door signatures. In the end, the issue was tabled. Watch the subcommittee and then watch the regular session to hear more on the topic, about thirty minutes in.

Sound was an issue in the room, as it was the last time LH covered a School Committee session . Not all committee members and participants used their microphones in the correct manner, and the audience often had a difficult time hearing. Cooling units in LVTI’s cafeteria contributed to background noise and also interfered with the camera’s ability to pick up intelligible speech. And it also didn’t help that they relied upon a very tiny powered speaker placed on a chair at the left-front corner of the audience. Nonetheless, if viewers adjust their volume along the way, most of it can be made out.

Following the videos, will be a special “Lynn blogs” collection of links on the topic.

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