Weekend Rundown

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Thursday, February 24

1. Something for the kids: Story Teller Gail LeBlanc spins tales of Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates at the Lynn Museum & Historical Society. 590 Washington Street. 7pm.

2. Something Irresistible Cafe, that mysterious place on 125 Oxford Street next to Cafe Antigua, introduces House Music Thursdays at 10pm. There are  sub-varieties of “House Music,” and definitions can vary from scene to scene, so it’s best to check it out and report back immediately. Cover charge. 21+

3. Weekly open mic at O’Brien’s Pub, 829 Boston Street. Full PA, Bass, & Drums provided. Occurs on Tuesdays as well. 9pm.

Friday, February 25

1. Miss it the last time? Story Teller Gail Leblanc (see Thursday) is back at the Museum for a 1pm …show? …telling? Just go.  And don’t forget to bring the kids.

2. Tatiana’s introduces Fun House Karaoke. I don’t know if it does to your voice what a fun house mirror does to your image, but I do know you’ll have the option to sing in Spanish or English, which sets it apart from what I know of the other Karaoke nights, and for that, it deserves a spot in the Rundown. 70 Market St. 8pm.

3. Guns of Rowdy at O’Brien’s Pub, 829 Boston Street, 9pm

Saturday, February 26

1.  Story Teller Gail Leblanc is back at the museum, noon this time. See Thursday or the right-side column for more details.

2. Tatiana’s celebrates 7 years at 70 Market Street with a Tequila tasting party at 7pm. 7.

3. Piano player Jon Polonski plays originals and covers at Walnut Street Cafe. Address, 157. 8:30pm.

4. Cry Uncle is at the Sand Bar, 714 Washington Street, 9pm.

Sunday, February 27

1. Don White’s infamous Walnut Street Cafe Open Mic features Clay Ventre. Get there 6:30-7-ish. Feature by 8:30-ish.

2. Tatiana’s Comedy Open Mic starts at 8pm, with featured headliners every week. 70 Market St.


As always, this isn’t everything. There’s more in the columns to the right. If your favorite venue isn’t sending their schedules to LynnHappens, they’re missing out on a free marketing opportunity in Lynn’s only nightlife calendar. Nudge them a little, then send them here to submit their happenings. Or if they’re old school, UPSIDEMEDIA, 7 Central Sq., Unit 303, Lynn, MA. 01901.


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