Weekend Rundown

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Thursday, 4/14

1. If you missed the Traveling Piano on the Central Square Commuter Rail platform this evening, a post with pictures (and sound) is forthcoming. Look for the Traveling Piano to appear here and there, and possibly when you least expect it. Brush up on your playing if it’s been a while since your after school piano lessons.

2. Rhythm & Drum Circle w/ Jeff Pearlstein at Walnut Street Cafe. 7pm. 157 Walnut.

Friday, 4/15

1. Soul Beat at LynnArts, 25 Echange Street. 7pm. $50. Proceeds go to the Lynn Shelter Association and towards dance scholarships at Girls, Inc. Includes champagne reception, sing-along with Simon Style, and African dancing with Greg Coles and his students from Girls Inc.

2. Alternative experimental rock with Neil Carlill and Jeff Pearlstein at Walnut Street Cafe. 8:30pm.

Saturday, 4/16

1. Lynn Beach – King’s Beach cleanup. Meet at Red Rock Park, 10:30am, with Girls Inc., Social Capital Inc (SCI Lynn), and Communities that Care. Sponsored by the DCR.

2. The Music of Rodgers & Heart, presented by Mass Theatrica at the Neal Rantoul Theatre, 25 Exchange Street. (LynnArts complex). $16. 4pm. See masstheatrica.org for more details.

3. Second Axe at Walnut Street Cafe, 157. 8:30pm. Ft. Tony Gallo, John Ditomaso, and John Hyde.

4. Katet at Sand Bar. 714 Washington Street. 9pm.

Sunday, 4/17

1. Don White’s Open Mic series at Walnut Street Cafe. 6:30pm-ish, with a featured performer, Julio Bare, at 8:30-ish.

2. Comedy Open Mic series at Tatiana’s, 70 Market Street. 8:00pm.


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