Weekend Rundown (Carnival edition)

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It’s time for the Weekend Rundown!

Thursday, 4/21

1. We’re going to have to start posting these earlier, because shortly, Exposed Urban is taping in front of a live audience at Turbine, and if you head down there, you can be a part of it. 56 Central Sq., 5PM.

2. There’s finally good weather for the carnival at Lynn Tech on Commercial Street. It opens at 6pm. Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned carnival? I do, but not the cotton-candy. Can’t get past the similarity to insulation or pillow-stuffing. Circus Peanuts are kind of weird, too.

3. There’s the big Steven Camello Music Scholarship Fundraiser down at St. Michael’s Hall in West Lynn, too. 25 Elmwood Avenue. 7pm. It’s $20, but that gets you a buffet with all the bands, such as Ernie and the Automatics, Slushpuppies, The Herland Brothers, the MaryBeth Maes Band, Comic Paul D’Angelo, and special performances by Lynn, saugus and Peabody High.

Friday, 4/22

1. The Lynn Carnival Continues on Commercial Street, opening at 6pm.

2. The Texas Tenors are at the Lynn Auditorium. 7pm. They say everything’s bigger there, so don’t mess with them. Have you ever seen Dallas from a DC-9 at night? 7pm, 3 City Hall Square.

3. Greg Gallo graces Walnut Street Cafe with originals and covers. 157. 8:30pm.

4. Yours truly goes to Salem under the guise of DJ Seth and presses the play button at Gulu-Gulu Cafe. 8pm. It’s not in Lynn, that’s why it’s a… Field Trip! Get your permission slips signed.

Saturday, 4/23

1. The Lynn Tech Carnival on Commercial Street opens at noon, for all you early risers.

2. Listen to the unique stylings of the Mirror Neurons and Hannah Cranton at 157 Walnut Street. 8:30pm.

3. Frans on Washington Street hosts its famous annual adult Easter Egg Hunt. 18+ for sure, cheaper to get in if you’re 21+. Search for a limited amount of eggs. Lucky finders win prizes.

4. Filtrum plays live music at the Sand Bar, also on Washington Street. 9pm Be sure to replace yours every six months.

5. GreySohl is at Turbine, 56 Central Square. Not the castle from He-Man, but a fine acoustic duo. 9:30pm

Sunday, 4/24

1. The Lynn Tech Carnival on Commercial Street opens at noon, for all you early risers.

2. Don White’s Sunday Open Mic at Walnut Street Cafe, starting fashionably late sometime after 6:30pm, with featured performer at 8:30pm.

3. Comedy Open Mic at Tatiana’s. 70 Market Street. 8pm. Seriously.


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