Photos & Sounds: Cambodian New Year

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Happy 2555!! That’s the year according to the Buddhist calendar. Cambodian New Year, or Khmer New Year, is an annual tradition in Lynn that outgrew last year’s spot behind the Cambodian Temple on Chestnut Street.

Last Saturday, April 30th, a parade led the way from the temple to the Lynn Common, where people had plenty of room to spread out. A long line of tables were filled with local organizations and Cambodian treats, and in between, kids ran around and played various games. But a steady crowd pressed the stage for a variety of performances, speeches, and live Khmer rock and roll from Sava Band. Volunteers in orange shirts belonged to KAYA, an Asian youth group associated with the Lynn Community Health Center.

Sava Band can be heard in the distance, as puppets and masked percussionists march by the tables.

Sopheap Theam from Light of Cambodian Children talks about her organization and plugs an upcomign exhibit in the Lynn Museum.

Event volunteer and KAYA member Tino Hem tells us some of the traditions of Khmer New Year and contrasts it with the situation in Cambodia.

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  1. Jo Ann
    May 6, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Great pics, Seth! It was a fabulous event! and Thanks for the soundbite from Sopheap regarding our joint exhibit with LoCC upcoming this Fall at the Lynn Museum which should be an extremely moving experience.

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