Local Band’s Album Inspired by Bette Davis (Welcome to the new Music section)

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Look at the list of categories at the top of LynnHappens. You’re not looking. Look. It would seem strange not to have “Music” up there, right? Until recently, it was absent. Music stories were lost amongst the others, cross posted between “Arts” and “Events,” which I suppose they are as well. A box was checked on some older stories that now places them under music, and coverage will increase in frequency and range. Lynn will be at the heart of it, but good music doesn’t stop at the border.


Ex Brit Pop frontman finds his creative home in Salem.

And his latest project celebrates Lowell’s most famous daughter, Bette Davis.

In the 1990’s, British singer / songwriter Neil Carlill made his name as the frontman for the critically acclaimed indie quartet Delicatessen, and then further in the Brit Pop supergroup Lodger. But Carlill felt constrained by the insular and often ephemeral character of the London music scene, and a decade ago he decamped to Salem Mass, his wife’s hometown.


The intervening years offered him a wealth of collaborative opportunities, and thanks to technology, Carlill’s given his voice to numerous projects worldwide, taking in a multitude of genres, including the international avant-guard techno outfit Vedette and the retro-pop duo Chicanery, with guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (Duran Duran. Frank Zappa). This latest collaboration, however, has its deep roots in Boston and the North Shore.

Three on a Match is an original project built on a unique premise. All songs on the forthcoming, eponymous 13 -track album take their titles, and their inspiration, from the filmography of the great actress Bette Davis.

Jeff Mellin (www.jeffmellin.com), born and raised in Boston and with a 90’s legacy of his own, as leader of power – pop band the Eddies, and whose more recent musical partners include the Velvet Underground’s Doug Yule, now heads Stereoriffic Recordings in Philadelphia. He and Carlill hatched the 3OAM concept out of a shared admiration of all things Bette, and later recruited Iowa’s King Toad (www.kingtoad.org), rounding out a trio of artists whose eclectic individual takes on some well-known titles are featured on this debut release.

A record-release event is to take over Salem’s Gulu Gulu Cafe on May 26th, with all three artists performing songs from the album.

Carlill, who often performs locally under the sobriquet Harvey Mapcase, headlines the evening with Lynn resident and Walnut Street Cafe regular, Jeff Pearlstein, on drums.


Listen to the album here: http://3oam.bandcamp.com/

Watch the Classic-Hollywood-inspired first video by Jeff Mellin:



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