Commemorative Frederick Douglass Speech Recital at High Rock Tower July 3rd

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On July 3rd, at 6:15 pm at High Rock Reservation, there will be a festive gathering to hear a reading from the famous abolitionist and civil rights leader, Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass stood for those who had no voice, a person of many great missions, who also has a place in the history of Lynn. He was a firm believer in the equality of all people, whether black, female, Native American, or recent immigrant. He was fond of saying, “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.”

High Rock was the favorite dwelling ground of the early Native Americans, and in later years became the Hutchinson Singers home. The Hutchinson Family were famous human rights singers, whose songs of abolition and other liberties attracted Frederick Douglass, who joined them in a famous tour to England. Enjoy the festivity and Fourth of July fire works, from nostalgic High Rock, with great views overlooking Downtown and Massachusetts Bay

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