Weekend Rundown (“Yeah, so about that…” edition)

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It was a busy day in Happens-land. The rundown was not forgotten. Okay, almost…


Friday, 8/12

1. Walnut Da Lyrical Geni performs from his new album and his classics with a live band at.. appropriately, Walnut Street Cafe. 8:30 at 157.

2. DJ’s Seth and Radio Scotvoid play 45rpm records at Turbine, 56 Central Square. It’s the real deal with classic soul, British invasion, American 60’s pop, a little funk, and a little exploring of other eras. 9pm. No cover.

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Saturday, 8/13

1. Kim Davidson performs at Walnut Street Cafe at 8:30pm.

2. Stomping Melvins stomp the Sand Bar over on 714 Washington Street at 9pm.

3. There’s a “Rolling Thunder” metal tribute at O’Brien’s. It’s going to be metal! 9pm.829 Boston Street (almost Saugus but they can’t have it)

4. The Goods Band bring it to the Brickyard on 163 Blossom Street again. As always, 9pm.

5. Aside from the regular Saturday night Fran’s deal there’s an Autism Benefit going on there at 10pm, with raffles and prizes and more!

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Sunday, 8/14

Good job making it through Friday and Saturday (Thursday night was unmentionable)

1. Brickyard has live music on Sundays starting at 4:00pm, on the patio! 163 Blossom.

2. Don White’s Open Mic features Danielle Doyle at 157 Walnut, the cafe, with sign ups about 6:30pm-ish and feature at 8:30pm.


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