Weekend Rundown (Irene edition)

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Batten down the hatches and stock up on your favorite brews, it’s the Weekend Rundown.





Thursday, 8/25

1. LYSOA’s Family Evening at the Lynn Museum is still going on. It can easily move indoors when or if the sky opens up.

2. Not so easy to move indoors, this evening’s Lois Lane & The Daily Planets show at Red Rock Park has been cancelled.

3. Tonight’s scattered showers and t-storms are just the appetizer, we’ll have to see how big a portion we get of the main course on Sunday. Your editor tends not to believe the hype.

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Friday, 8/26

1. It should be nice for take 2 of Wizard of Oz at Red Rock Park at 8:30pm. Be there at 8pm to get a good seat and bring some picnic supplies.

2. Country, bluegrass and classic rock with Tony Gallo & Friends at Walnut Street Cafe, 157 Walnut St.

3. Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket  brings da funk to O’Brien’s Pub, 829 Boston Street. SlowPokeNTurtle opens up with some dub. 9pm.

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Saturday, 8/27

1. A musical free-for-all at Walnut Street Cafe with Black dog Brother Presents: No Soap Radio. Black Dog Brothers brings in some talented friends for this show, which happens the last Saturday of every month at the Walnut. Musicians, dancers, strange people – always unique, always a good time. I hear there’s going to be an upside-down klezmer orchestra.

2. Party Crashers will be at the Brickyard at 9pm. They’ll play some music, even. 163 Blossom Street.

3. It’s Sunspot’s Night to Shine starting 9pm at Tatiana’s, 70 Market Street. Full backing band on stage. No cover.

4. Split Risk and Sin City Horns finish their “Rock and Roll Survival Tour” at the Sand Bar on 714 Washington St., 9pm.

5. Besides their usual Saturday fare, 47 Central is having a clam bake from 3 to 10 pm at…

6. OUT OF CONTROL!!! That’s what they’re calling some live music and entertainment at O’Brien’s Pub, 829 Boston Street, still on the Lynn-side of the border. 9pm.

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Sunday, 8/25

1. We don’t want any scattered bricks at the Brickyard, so it’s unclear weather Sunday evening music on the patio is on schedule for 163 Blossom. Give them a shout to make sure.

2. Don White’s Sunday Open Mic at Walnut Street will feature Tommy Butera at 8:30pm. Sign-ups at 6:30pm.

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