Lynn Singer/Songwriter Kristina Musto Performs at Walnut Street Saturday

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Lynn English senior Christina Musto was just ten years old when she told her grandfather that she wanted to try guitar. She admits to taking a few lessons, but asked if self taught, she responds, “Pretty much.” Her grandfather played in a band, which gave her access to an old backyard “shack” converted into a makeshift studio, where she and her friends could hang out and practice.

Musto wrote her first song when she was entering middle school. “It was about how I didn’t want to be popular,” she says., “…it was really bizarre and I don’ t play it anymore, but I was, like, 12 then.” She was 14 when she began playing Walnut Street Cafe.   She says about her first official gig, “It was pretty slow because I didn’t tell a lot of people to come because I was shy.” One of her more memorable shows among her many since, was playing a song she wrote about her brother to a crowd of 200 at The Walk for Autism in New Hampshire in 2008.

On recording her original material, she says, “I’m working on getting my stuff copyrighted right now,” indicating that a release of recorded material may follow. Musto writes a lot “…about the guys in my life, but it’s not always about that…I’ve written about my best friend Skyler, and about stupid things…” she laughs. The lyrics come first, then she says the music just follows.

Kristina Musto is now looking at colleges to pursue a career in music therapy.

Future gigs include this Saturday, September 10th at Walnut Street Cafe, located at #157 Walnut Street in Lyn,n and the LynnArts Fall Festival on the Waterfront September 17th in Lynn Heritage State Park.

AJ’s Song

Unanswered Questions, with Lynn musician Eric Houde, of Brown Chicken Brown Cow.

and more from Kristina Musto’s Youtube page, linked with permission.



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  1. Anonymous
    September 10, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Change in plans. Eric Houde and Sophie Lovett are playing tonight. Wish Kristina a speedy recovery.

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