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by Seth Albaum

I’ve never associated the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) music scene with the Thanksgiving Day football tradition. I usually think of marching bands and major label hits, but fifteen year old Lynn recording artist and Classical student Jayel (Jose Luna) just released a new football anthem for the city, “We On.” It will play at the school’s annual Thanksgiving pep rally. Perhaps it’s a new part of the local football tradition, started last year when then Classical Senior Jeremias Jimenez performed “Green and Gold,” co-written with English Senior Caleb Michel.

“We just do this ourselves and we make more progress like that, in my opinion.” says Jayel. Perhaps, that’s because of how he started. Back in 7th grade he stumbled on free beat making software and “Started messing around with it.” Before then, he claims to not have had much interest in music. Friends egged him on to write to the beats he was creating and he formed a partnership for about a year. When that flamed out, he used it as inspiration to move forward. “It was like a hip hop rivalry, and that’s basically what got me known around here.”

But as he moved on and grew as an artist, his material focused more on his own experiences, and “…stuff that I would like to have, but I would also talk about the stuff that I would have to do to get there.” Jayel says, “Drake…Because of his melodic rapping and stuff like that…” influences him a great deal. J. Cole is another one, and he and his friends have been pushing hard to get him a spot opening up for a J. Cole show next year. Other influences on his work include Naz and Rakim. It’s also worthwhile to note he’s upgraded to more professional-grade software and equipment.


Listen to the track We On by Jayel, featuring Morvabelly


Visit Jayel’s website, where one can order  the “Music is my Heart Beat” official Jayel T-shirt or learn more. Of course, he’ll be at the game Thanksgiving, handing out his CD’s in the D.I.Y. tradition.






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