It’s nearly almost Summer, so here’s a handy guide to outdoor drinking

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[UPDATED 4.14.14]

A few changes have taken place since this article first published in 2012.

  • Northern Nights is no more and a Mexican restaurant will soon take its place
  • Rolly’s is no longer the caterer at Gannon’s
  • Cirque is 47 Central again, doesn’t use alley
  • Some of the entertainment / various details have changed
  • We need to add Hayward’s

Below is the original post 2012, which is still fairly handy –


Tuesday’s Summer tease finally put a stop to any procrastination. Long in the works, here’s the launch of the Bars of Lynn series, starting with what may be a complete list of ones with outdoor seating.

Bars of Lynn is like Signs of Lynn. It’s not a review. It’s a few photos, a few words and a celebration of all things uniquely Lynn. The main difference is that only some signs were chosen. This series intends to spotlight all Lynn bars willing to open their doors to the Happens. Others will have to photographed from across the street if they’re publicity-shy.


  • The Four Winds
  • Rolly’s Tavern on the Green (Gannon clubhouse – public)
  • O’Brien’s Pub
  • Walnut Street Cafe
  • Porthole Pub
  • Northern Nights
  • Brickyard Bar & Grill
  • Sand Bar


The Four Winds Pub & Grill is located at 265 Broadway, just off Wyoma Square. Judy the bartender says the deck overlooking Sluice Pond is open until 10pm, except for nights they have entertainment, in which case it closes at 9pm to be a better neighbor. Because food is also served on the deck, there is no smoking allowed. Entertainment is scheduled Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Check the LynnHappens calendar.


The Four Winds is rustic and wood-paneled, with a wood stove in the corner. It feels more like New Hampshire than Lynn.





Patti Cavanagh and Carolyn Walsh enjoy drinks while awaiting their meals.






Rolly’s in Wyoma just got a facelift, but the better view is from “Rolly’s Tavern on the Green” in the Gannon Clubhouse. From a different angle, one can see the Boston skyline at the end of a long greenway. The camera (ahem) didn’t get a good shot of that.

On Friday nights, they have Rich Moulison on guitar, starting around 7:30pm.


Already enjoying the enormous patio are Patty Roderich, Carol Mills, Sharon Sullivan, Sue Mulholland and Adair Lee of the Women’s GE Golf League.






Jay at the bar says it looks even better when the awning is put back up, which will be soon. The bar and full service restaurant is open to the public.



There is a scenic waterway to overlook in West Lynn, by the Saugus line. The deck to do that from belongs to O’Brien’s at 829 Boston Street. Joy from the kitchen says they have “Unbelievable sunsets.” O’Brien’s has a popular open mic Tuesdays, a Motown DJ every other Thursday and bands Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are set aside for country music.



In an unlikely setting, Walnut Street Cafe manages a cozy coffee shop with a beer & wine selection. It’s at 157 Walnut Street, near the Richdale, but the patio walls pleasantly block the gas station from view. (photo from previous story)


Don White hosts one of his popular Sunday open mic sessions. The famous Lynn singer/songwriter has played a role in attracting original entertainment to Walnut Street, which also has drum circles Tuesdays, a spoken word open mic Wednesdays, and live music, often original, Fridays and Saturdays. (See calendar)



At this stage of the journey I’m met by a friend, who says this is “Old Lynn.” This is the Porthole Pub, on the Lynnway. Here, patrons who have been anonymized (not really a word) by request enjoy the view. Soon, the boats from the Lynn Yacht Club and Volunteer Yacht Clubs next door will come out of their shrink-wrap.



Here’s what you see from the Porthole’s deck.

On Friday and Saturday nights, they usually have light acoustic entertainment. The kitchen can sometimes close as early as 9:30pm, so plan accordingly if you want some old school New England food.



If you were ever in a McDonald’s and wished it would turn into a bar immediately (Who hasn’t experienced that?), try Northern Nights on the Lynnway. That’s not to say the interior still looks like one, though. The place has been through several iterations since.

Pam at the bar made my friend a martini-drink while I went out to photograph the play area.



The kitchen opens at noon for lunch, giving area workers a nice place to eat outside. At night on the inside, they have DJ’s, Drag shows, and even Zumba classes. Check the LynnHappens schedule.



The Brickyard is on 163 Blossom Street, and within a couple of weeks, will have some tables placed out front and regular Sunday afternoon entertainment outdoors. They also have bands indoors on Saturday nights. This vegetarian has been told the steak tips are great, but can neither confirm or deny it. The menu is loaded with affordable comfort foods.


The Sand Bar is on Washington Street in Downtown Lynn and features a large deck complete with tiki bar. (I probably shouldn’t admit to this) I had Tanya at the bar make me a Shirley Temple, because I was driving to all of these places. Shortly thereafter, the owner, Chris Brown, appeared and gave a grand tour.

Here’s a drink’s view of the tiki bar. It won’t be empty long.


The Sand Bar has been a popular live entertainment spot with bands both Friday and Saturday nights, a DJ Thursdays, and by mid-May, they’ll have an acoustic duo featuring members of Project4/Stomping Melvin out on the deck Sunday afternoons.

Rodrick Wilson, Dwayne Dillard, Thumbs-up guy and owner Chris Brown – a friendly crowd on a Tuesday night.



Honorable mentions:

There is a table in the back of Tatiana’s, 70 Market Street (rear entrance in Andrew St lot)

Cirque (formerly 47 Central) – LynnHappens hopes this place can make use of their alleyway again.


If any place has been left out in error, please comment below and this list will be corrected asap.



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