Bars of Lynn – Buchanan Cafe

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Following the Handy Guide to Outdoor Drinking posted last week, here’s the first regular edition of Bars of Lynn. Your LynnHappens Editor and cohorts will attempt to visit each and every bar in this city and introduce it to readers who may be curious, but who have never ventured in. During the long journey, some may open, others may close, and who knows, there may never be an end.

Bartender Debbie and owner Chuck pose behind the bar

A renovated and very welcoming Buchanan Cafe at the corner of Eastern and Western Avenues has a popular blues jam on Thursday nights as well as live acts some Friday and Saturday nights. This isn’t the old ‘buke. There’s a new owner.

That’s Jon Morse on drums. He organizes the jam.


Musicians rotate in and out all night. The space may be small, but somehow the sound is never overpowering. Conversation is possible, because it’s happening everywhere.


There’s a cowbell on standby, in case it needs… no I won’t say it.


Those are plastic fish bubbling around in that lamp.


Buchanan’s is definitely in the running for Lynn’s littlest bar. Impressively, there’s still ample room to move around, oh, and a Barcalounger near the bathrooms – or maybe it’s a Lazy-Boy. It’s big.

If you’re stuck on GPS, the address is 648 Eastern Avenue.




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Was there on Sunday May 18th unexpectedly experienced a wonderful laid-back atmosphere with an awesome 3 man band. Chuck was quite the host. Free pizza. Great conversations and people. Jimmy was awesome on drums and took requests. They were able to belt out “While my guitar gently weeps”. I was impressed to say the least. An excellent way to end an otherwise “quiet” weekend. Needless to say, we stayed until the band was over. Didn’t remember the name of the band. Any ideas? Definitely worth a return soon!!!! Can’t wait. Keep up the good work and great hospitality Chuck.

Marilyn Munroe

Regardless of owner, it will always be the “BUKE”..and people will always idenify it as this. Wonderful cozy Lynn pub.

Jon Morse

Thanks for the good words Josh! It was great to have you down! Runnin out the door for another great night at the “new” ‘Buke> CHEERS!

Thanks, Paul! I’ve dropped my business card there twice and met the owner the second time. The biggest challenge with the calendar is getting bars with entertainment to email their entertainment schedules or even to maintain facebook pages with them. A few are really good at it, but it seems most want to make me work for their free publicity. 🙂


I was at Olympic Gardens one night before bowling. the never knew of your site or Corey’s DTL blog and his article on Olympic Gardens. They now have entertainmenet, I said maybe they should contact you. just tryiing to help out.