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The Brandy Barrel sits in the Angora Plaza on Market Street in downtown, the same mini-strip mall that contains Brother’s. It was built suburban-style, with parking in the front rather than the rear, perhaps in an era when urban density was less appreciated. But long-time Lynners know that’s not the original location.


This barrel top is one of the remaining features from the bar’s original location, about where the MBTA Garage now sits. It moved after the fire of 1981. (The bunny was added for Easter.)

Today, the Brandy Barrel is come-as-you-are casual, but in its old downtown heyday, jeans were not allowed.


Thursdays, Wayne hosts team trivia, and that was the night we popped in. My designated drinker and I didn’t intend to play, but Larry successfully recruited us for a couple of rounds. (Is that legal?) There was an awkward/funny moment when Wayne announced the question, “What does SLR stand for in Cameras?” Just about everyone in the place turned to me with my SLR clearly visible on the bar, but what was I supposed to do, yell out the answer? Team Larry got it.

The Brandy Barrel has a familiar setup with a centrally located bar and stools all around. Flat screen TV’s are large, hanging comfortably close to eye level, and kind of stand out for being modern.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are for karaoke, though I’m told they may want to mix things up a little more on the weekends. There’s an open area behind Wayne’s DJ/Trivia perch (pictured) that’s large enough for a full band and then some. Though the stage is not raised, that’s quite an impressive backdrop, and a nice office chair! LynnHappens fully supports the return of live music on the weekends, if they go through with it.

Points for noticing the two cases of Schlitz. We’ll pretend that’s not really Smirnoff Ice on top.

Your LynnHappens Editor and cohorts will attempt to visit each and every bar in this city and introduce it to readers who may be curious, but who have never ventured in. During the long journey, some may open, others may close, and who knows, there may never be an end.

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Looking for my cousin Doug. His real name is Jim Douglas. Yet, for years he goes by Doug. I believe he use to bartend at Hogan’s . I have lost touch of him. If anyone knows him.. please let me know via facebook.. carole kirkpatrick colgrove ..


Usually go here before shows at the Auditroium. Closest establishment to the Auditorium, cheap beer.

Thanks for the update! Someone must know what year.. and I’ll correct the story as soon as more details come in…


It was still at the old location well past 1981. I remember going there after leaving work at the GE so it would have been ’85 or ’86. I worked 2nd shift so I got there at 11:00-11:30 and there would always be some ‘interesting’ stuff going on….