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I don’t know much about Country, but I’m pretty sure someone once said or sang, “If it ain’t Country, I’m not dancing.” If you ever said that, you might want to head on over to Celley’s Pub on Western Ave. in West Lynn Friday. This week’s featured bar has live classic country each Friday night, hosted by “Celley’s Country Limited.” There’s Jimbo on bass, Rich on guitar, Carl on drums, and any number of guest players and singers in rotation. I’m told Celley’s is the only spot for classic country in Northeastern Massachusetts.

The photos I managed to get don’t tell the whole story, though. The clientele is almost as diverse as the area. After watching the band for bit, I walked back to the main bar room to hear Latin music on the jukebox. (The jukebox also played just about everything else.) Thankfully, the music from one room didn’t bleed much into the other. Volume is managed rather well and folks seem to get on rather well.

There are three spaces in Celley’s.  There’s the main bar room, the back room with billiards and darts, and another that’s as true a roadhouse as you can get around here.

Rich Ransom, George Herrell and Cheryl Ransom watch the game and enjoy drinks poured by long-time bartender, June.


It’s been Celley’s for about a quarter century, but its well-preserved details and tin ceilings must be quite older than that.


Nathan Merrill and Jerry Duncan step away from the music for quick game in the main bar room.


Speaking of billiards, this is Scott. He claims to have dominated the back room table for five games that night playing with this…board. He began his unique style when he wanted to show up some players he thought were taking themselves too seriously – by using a broom handle. I suppose he got bored of the broom handle, and has since been working through the lumber section of his local hardware store.


The roadhouse room is large, with several long wooden tables and high tables along one wall. The band plays behind the railing of an elevated stage laden with memorabilia.

Celley’s is located at 742 Western Ave, near GE.

Your LynnHappens Editor and cohorts will attempt to visit each and every bar in this city and introduce it to readers who may be curious, but who have never ventured in. During the long journey, some may open, others may close, and who knows, there may never be an end.

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