Lynn Band Releases Vinyl Record, Will Perform at Tatiana’s October 20

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Courtesy photo: Peter Frangules, Pete Pappavaselio, Joe Bailey, and Jim Lundell


By day, they are four professionals in their twenties, daily grinding away to get ahead. But by night, they are unleashed, savagely beating their guitars, bass, and drums in one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the North Shore.

Synn is Lynn’s answer to the current state of hard rock. “We all come from different schools of thought, we all like different bands, but we all have a deep appreciation for ’70s and ’80s hard rock and metal,” explains Pete Pappavaselio, the band’s frontman. “We just wanted to play something different than what’s going on right now, something fresher and more melodic.”

The band consists of singer and co-lead guitarist Pete Pappavaselio, co-lead guitarist Joe Bailey, bassist Peter Frangules, and drummer Jim Lundell. Pappavaselio formed the group and writes most of the material, basing it from a twin lead guitar foundation. Bailey brings a bluesy element to Synn’s hard rock, while Frangules and Lundell lay down a solid rhythm section. “We’re all guitar players at heart,” says Pappavaselio. “Peter and Jim are actually both guitar players first, which allows them to complement the sound of our guitar oriented music. It’s like they know how to lock in perfectly with what Joe and I are playing, because mentally they’re still guitar players, even if they’re beating away on the bass and drums.”

Synn has just finished cutting its first single, Route 666. A brilliant mix of ’70s blues rock crossing into ’80s heavy metal, the band recorded the tracks exclusively on analog equipment, deciding to release this first effort onto a 45 rpm vinyl record. “In a world where music is constantly shrinking its media, from LP’s to CD’s and now to near nothingness with MP3’s, we figured it’d be great to go back to basics and release something the listener would appreciate both auditorily and visually,” relates Pappavaselio. “It really stands out. The artwork was done by Black Veil [Tattoo Studio] here in Lynn, right across the street from where we recorded.”

But does anyone even listen to vinyl these days? “Absolutely!” counters Pappavaselio. “Vinyl is making a comeback in a major way. A lot of people are dusting off their old collections, and a lot of kids are starting to recognize the medium as a lot of new bands are starting to put out records. CD’s and MP3’s can’t come close to imitating the smooth sound of analog, and for anyone who doesn’t own a turntable, the record comes included with MP3 downloads of the tracks.”

Synn releases their single in their hometown of Lynn at Tatiana’s (70 Market St.) on Sat., October 20. Doors are at 8pm, the show starts at 9pm, and the $5 cover charge includes a copy of the single.

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