Miss Chronicle last night? Watch online segments here!

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WCVB Channel 5 aired a Chronicle episode on Lynn last night in which some of our city’s great assets were featured, including Lynn Woods, the beach, downtown, some restaurants, the art scene, and even LynnHappens had a cameo. Welcome, Chronicle viewers!

Having heard from enough folks who missed it, here’s the links to view it online, with thanks to Corey Jackson of DowntownLynn.com (also in the episode) for grabbing the links and making them easier to share.

Part I
Lynn, Lynn….A City That’s In | Chronicle – WCVB Home

Part II
Waterfront and Wilderness

Part III
Lynn’s International Accent

Part IV
Lynn Showbiz Central

Editor’s note: It was also a pleasure to be interviewed by Chronicle Producer Clint Conley (wiki), whose band Mission of Burma I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I hope he doesn’t mind me giving him a plug, here.

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