A Few Photos from Saturday Night

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The Audience of Arts After Hours’ run of Evil Dead the Musical has come from Florida to Canada. In the “splash zone,” were Dan Steen, Nicky Mullally, Mark Mullally, and Linda Mullally of Connecticut (not in order).


Evil Dead choreographer Nicole Spirito teaches the Necronomicon to audience members at the after party in the Willow Gallery of LynnArts. DJ Brian Halligan spun the tunes and cast members lead tours backstage in the Neal Rantoul Black Box Theatre.


Halloween party shenanigans at Buchanan’s


I tried to get names, but they wanted to dance – at Buchanan’s


Witches at the Brickyard


Michelle Waters & Michelle Sullivan of Nahant at the Brickyard


The Lexington Street Band at the Brickyard


LynnHappens only had time for three stops before last call. Next Halloween season, we’ll start earlier. You don’t have to rely on LynnHappens to be somewhere, though, you can submit your nightlife photos to editor@lynnhappens.com any time.




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