Hurricane Sandy in Pictures

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Thanks for tagging LynnHappens on facebook and sharing your photos. It’s not over yet, but there’s so many, it makes sense to get the galleries started. They’ll grow as you keep ’em coming! Be safe about it!

Here’s a couple of highlights, before the clickable thumbnails:

This is Lynn. We don’t let a little (giant) storm get in the way of a nice stroll on Lynn Shore Drive.


Is this Lynn’s favorite pastime? If not, then what is? Name them in the comments.


I’m not sure they make umbrellas to hold back the ocean. Photo by Bridget Jourgensen. Thanks!


Kelly Pszenny, Kristen Colella and Robyn Thomas enjoying a day off at Rolly’s in Wyoma Square.


Now, for the galleries. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Click again to make it go away.

Photos by LynnHappens


Photos by you!



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