Art Throb Celebrates Latest Issue at RAW Art Works, Visionspace Gallery Opens New Photographic Exhibit – photos

Here’s a light version of Photos from Saturday, when LynnHappens presents a sampling of photos from a given Saturday in Lynn. You can send LynnHappens your photos of any given Saturday, here.

North Shore Art Throb Creative Director Lilly McCrea and Editor-in-Chief Dinah Cardin hold the latest issue at RAW Art Works in Central Square.


A bluegrass ensemble in the RAW Art Works window.


A sampling of the crowd in RAW Art Works.


Some fine reading material.


The picture that self-captions: Michael Karolemaes, Adam Miller, Joshua Morrissette at Smoke and Mirrors, the latest show at visionspace in City Hall Square.


A sampling of the crowd in the back room of visionspace.


You can check out the online version of North Shore Art Throb here.

Visit Centerboard’s visionspace gallery on facebook.



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