Some photos, and LynnCAM’s video of Governor Patrick’s trip to Lynn, yesterday

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Photo by Bob Bond

Your LynnHappens editor was present, but just couldn’t compete with the fantastic photos from Bob Bond of Bob Bond & Associates and Lots a Shots Photography, based here in downtown Lynn. He kindly offers up his photos of the Governor and other officials discussing the future of transportation in Lynn on January 17, 2013. Other elected officials present include State Senator Thomas McGee, State Representatives Robert Fennell and Steven Walsh, Mayor Kennedy, former Mayor Thomas Costin, and City Councilors Hong Net, Buzzy Barton and Brendon Crighton.


LynnCAM’s coverage (posted with permission):



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We were all hoping there would be some kind of announcement. A PA system was set up with a wireless mic by what I’m pretty sure were State House/Governor’s office staff, and it wasn’t used.


seriously….what did this video show me….I watched the whole thing and the Blue Line is no closer to Lynn