Update from Mayor Kennedy

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There will be no School on Monday, February 11th. As a result, LynnHappens is expecting some epic snow forts. Get to work, kids.

Monday trash pickup is still on. If for some reason your trash is missed, please call the DPW after 5 p.m. Monday at (781) 268-8000.

The parking ban has not been extended. It has been over since noon. Ticketing and towing has ceased, but you may be asked to be a good neighbor and move your vehicle temporarily for a plow to do its job.

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How about trash pickup tomorrow

Good question. I’m also trying to find out if the parking ban is extended.

Word on trash pickup is pending, but should be known soon.The parking ban is still lifted. They will call out on a bullhorn if they need someone to be a good neighbor and move for a plow, but ticketing and towing ceased at noon. Watch for hydrants, though.