Friday is Pink Carnation Day

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5083796“Please join in on Friday May 3rd, as we remember Hayley’s Birthday. Hayley would have been 19 years old this year, gone too soon. Please join our world-wide “Pink Carnation Day” by giving out 1 or 100’s of the flower.

Who was Hayley?

Join dozens of schools, businesses, and members of the local community as they celebrate the 3rd annual Pink Carnation Day, sponsored and supported by Hayley’s Hope Foundation.


Started in May 2011, it is a day to celebrate paying it forward with random acts of kindness. “Words can hurt, but they can also heal” is the organizations motto for this day filled with good thoughts.

Originally started by the family of teen Hayley Blowers who tragically chose to end her life at 16 years of age, it was a way for them to remember her on her birthday. It has since grown into an international day of remembrance and good will, not only sweeping across the United States, but has also touched the shores of England, Ireland, & Australia.”


The mission of the Hayley’s Hope Foundation is to create an awareness of the issue of teenage suicide and its warning signs, triggers, and its impact on family and the community. This will be accomplished through education and provision of resources for professional help to parents/guardians, educators, peers, and most importantly, those currently in distress.

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