Bars of Lynn – Pelican Pub on Open Mic Night

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It’s been a while since the last proper Bars of Lynn post. Friday was open mic night at the Pelican Pub on 847 Washington Street, hosted by Jesse Fraumlyn and Greg Guba. If you ever run into Jesse Fraumlyn, ask him the story behind his name. It’s a good one.


The theme was definitely nautical.


This famous landmark was inlaid in the side of the bar. Behind the bar, more than one Gorton’s Fisherman statue.


Laura Naumeic, who was visiting from a town outside Albany, NY, Greg Guba, & Jesse Fraumlyn


Dicky Kraus


Boston based singer-songwriter Nicki Glasser


Then, there was this guy, and this glowing stick supposedly purchased for someone’s granddaughter.


The first Bars of Lynn was posted a little over a year ago and featured every place with outdoor seating. It’s time to think about being outdoors again, so here it is.

Other posts in the series are here or under the heading “of Lynn” up top.


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