More anonymous quotes, Central Square creatures

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Woke up this morning to some strange creatures in the front yard…



They come with money, now? Katerina found this. She finds a lot of them. (hmmm…)


Mike Crounse found one in the Diamond District.


We only have one Earth. There’s Mars…the moon the sun and the stars…

And that’s all I’ll catch up with for now. Your editor is out for the weekend. He will return a married man.



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Local coupons from Money Mailer!

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Lol. The anonymous ‘Lynn Secret Poet’ had emailed me this photo, and asked if I could post it with tagging Lynn Happens on Facebook, for a good cause. The other photos I found, like you near my residence by surprise…. on the pole by my place and on my walk to the commuter rail. I look for these. I think they tagged near Corey’s building too. I think they hope we will publish these and help spread the love around in a positive movement. They don’t want to be known or recognized. It simply makes them feel good to make… Read more »