“Secret Poet Society” Strikes Again (and again)

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Coming home tonight, I found this scroll tied in waxed string taped to my building’s doorway:


I guess we need to clean the windows. Anyway, inside, I found $2 cash and the following messages:


We’ve seen the “Lynn Times” before. Yes, that is the Lynn Security Trust Building (23 Central Square) on the ash tray weighing the papers down. We don’t smoke. We just like the ash tray, given as a gift!

Now that I’ve opened the scroll and have the two dollars, am I now obligated to serve as a Lynn Secret Poet? Is that how the Lynn Secret Poet Society works? I will buy someone coffee or give it to charity in some way.

There were also two scrolls in the arms of this robot, seen Monday evening in Central Square and now gone:


Also, Centerboard in City Hall Square has been visited a few times. Here’s one:


If you spot one, tag LynnHappens on social media or drop a line here.




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