AAH’s Much Ado About Nothing’s Spectacular Opening Weekend

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“Love – it brings out our best, and our worst: Beatrice has sworn off men. Benedick has sworn off women. They’re made for each other – they just don’t know it yet. Young Claudio wants to marry Hero, but the scheming Don John has a plan to ruin everything. “

I usually have to be in the city to enjoy culture of any kind, from any place. Saturday, I went to the woods for it. Weekends through August 11th, Arts After Hours is presenting Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in Lynn Woods on the Pennybrook Road side.

If you went to last year’s 12th Night production, it’s the same idea, but instead of the Rose Garden, it’s a little further in and more immersive. The play happens all around the audience and the cues to follow the story from one location to another are more subtle, but adequate, and there’s a greater variety of scenery. With an audience capacity of 50, there’s never a struggle to see, whether you chose to be near or far. There’s also no clear line between audience and action, and that’s part of the fun.

Since it was my first time seeing Much Ado About Nothing, I have no basis of comparison, but I can say that I enjoyed the story, the acting, the period from which they chose their costumes was a good match for the woods in which it was set, and that you should see it.

For more information, please see this post and visit Arts After Hours online for further information and tickets. Show times are Saturdays 1 and 4pm, Sundays, 1pm, now through August 11th.

Here’s some teaser shots from a sold out performance on Saturday, July 27:






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