Miss Massachusetts visits La Chic Mentoring at the Boys & Girls Club

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1375817_10152003958993287_812383961_nFrom La Chic Mentoring:

On October 25, 2013 Miss Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd USA 2013 a special guest of La Chic Mentoring Plus, Inc visited the Boys & Girls Club of Lynn. She provided excellent advice to our La Chic young ladies on the importance of accomplishing their dreams despite of how difficult the passing challenges may be. Miss Massachusetts also shared her challenge of when teachers attempt to discourage her dreams through harmful words, such as she “wasn’t good enough” or “smart enough.” Despite such useless feedback, Sarah turned this challenge into a strength, resulting in an astonishing goal of attending college at only the age of fifteen.

Today, Sarah Kidd is a Dental Hygienist and she frequently volunteers to raise money for kids with clef lip so that they can have a “Confident Smile.” The Youth Director, Terrell Patterson of the Boys & Girls Club of Lynn, gave a positive message about the La Chic Program and commended on how Keisha Conigliaro and Dawn Mathis gave the girls a positive message, by developing self-confidence and self-esteem tools that are crucial for girls of today.

The La Chic Program helps young girls to recognize their strengths, build upon their weaknesses, and aim for their dreams through motivation, structured guidance, educational materials, presented examples, and lots of love.


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