MassDOT’s Official PR on their 5 Year Plan – Will Lynn get a real T stop?

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But first, make a note of this:

“February 10, 6:00-8:00pm, Lynn, exact location to be determined”

“To see the plan, it is available on the website,”

One more thing before we let the official press release take over. Look to the right for a graphic of a Blue Line train entering Lynn to join a fast growing facebook page of people who would like to see real subway expansion to the city. The Blue Line is symbolic of decades of struggling to get it here and because of its perceived relationship with the North Shore. However, the group would accept any legitimate subway expansion of any color or route that has a stop in downtown Lynn, that matches the pricing, frequency of trains and speed of the rest of the subway system. LynnHappens has joined the fight. Will you?

The T is also looking further down the track. Click to enlarge this map of the T’s “Vision for the MBTA in 2024.”


Patrick Administration Releases Historic Five-Year Transportation Capital Investment Plan
$12.4 billion program supports infrastructure projects that will create growth and opportunity across the Commonwealth

BOSTON- Friday, January 10, 2014- The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) today released the first draft five-year MassDOT Capital Investment Plan (CIP) for FY2014-FY2018. The $12.4 billion program makes long-term investments that will create growth and opportunity for residents across the Commonwealth and represents the first unified, multi-modal capital investment plan covering all MassDOT highway and municipal projects, regional airports, rail, and transit, including the MBTA and Regional Transit Authorities.

“We invest in our transportation infrastructure because roads, rail and bridges create a foundation that supports private sector investment and expanded opportunity for all our residents,” said Governor Patrick. “This plan makes investments across the entire state, is flexible, and spends wisely while creating thousands of jobs over the next several years.”

“This five-year plan will invest in critical projects identified in The Way Forward and reflects the Governor’s priorities in mobility, equity, environmental stewardship and economic development,” said MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey.

The five-year CIP includes funding for the following initiatives:

$1.3 billion to complete the Green Line Extension, providing full service to Somerville and Medford by 2020.  $835 million to begin the $1.3 billion replacement program of 43-year old Red line vehicles and 31-year old Orange Line vehicles, as well as improvements to tracks, signals and systems. $254 million for South Coast Rail, including early action improvements to rail ties, signal systems and bridges, as well as beginning preliminary engineering for the project.$252 million for implementation of diesel multiple unit service (DMU) on the Fairmount Line and expansion of the Silver Line to Chelsea.$3.3 billion for the rehabilitation and maintenance of bridges, including nearly $1.7 billion to complete historic Accelerated Bridge Program “mega” projects such as the Longfellow Bridge, Whittier Bridge in Amesbury and Braga Bridge in Fall River.$260 million to rehabilitate the I-91 Springfield Viaduct from the North End Bridge to the Memorial Bridge and review Viaduct options in downtown Springfield.$240 million for reconstruction of the I-93/95 Interchange in Canton, which facilitates private sector investment in the University Station development in the town of Westwood.$161 million for the realignment of the I-90 Turnpike in Allston.$160 million to complete the conversion to All Electronic Tolling on the I-90 Turnpike from New York to Boston and the harbor tunnels, including funds to begin ramp and road reconfiguration in FY2016. $192 million for advanced communications and traffic control technologies to reduce congestion and delays. $1.5 billion for municipal projects, including $200 million per year for Chapter 90 and $582 million in other municipal projects identified for the first time in a comprehensive project list.$250 million for a statewide portfolio of Aeronautics projects focused on maintenance and repair of runways, hangers and navigation systems. $34 million for the Housatonic Railroad, including the rehabilitation of tunnels, track and signals in advance of eventual rail line acquisition.$31 million to complete track and signal projects necessary to restore permanent, seasonal Cape Flyer passenger service to Cape Cod.$211 million for regional transit services, including $15 million for the purchase of senior citizen transportation vans for the local Councils on Aging$196 million for the replacement of Regional Transit Authority buses and improvements to maintenance depots and intermodal facilities such as a new Pioneer Valley Transit Authority maintenance facility.$99.5 million for a comprehensive modernization effort of the RMV’s 20-year old Automated License and Registration Renewal System (ALARS) that includes the archiving of twenty years of data, removing old software and building a new, modern computer system.

$43.0 million to advance the “Reimagining RMV” plan, in collaboration with the ALARS project, to significantly upgrade the quality of services provided by the department

MassDOT will host six public meetings across the Commonwealth to receive feedback on the draft CIP plan, which is expected to be delivered to the MassDOT Board of Directors for consideration in February.

The public meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, January 29, 6:00-8:00pm, State Transportation Building, 2nd Floor, 10 Park Plaza, BostonWednesday, January 29, 6:00-8:00pm, Union Station, 2 Washington Square, WorcesterMonday, February 3, 6:00-8:00pm,  Bangs Community Center, 70 Boltwood Walk, AmherstMonday, February 3, 6:00-8:00pm, Berkshire Athenaeum, 1 Wendell Avenue, PittsfieldWednesday, February 5, UMass Dartmouth, 285 Old Westport Rd, North DartmouthMonday, February 10, 6:00-8:00pm, Lynn, exact location to be determined

To see the plan, it is available on the website,

In 2009, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) was created to unify the state’s various transportation agencies. MassDOT now includes the Highway Division, the MBTA and Rail Transit Division, the Aeronautics Division, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  MassDOT is committed to providing a safe and reliable transportation system to all those who travel in the Commonwealth and works to deliver excellent customer service. MassDOT has been nationally recognized for its innovative approach to transportation, including the Accelerated Bridge Program, the “Where’s My Bus and Train?” apps and “Fast 14” work.  For more information, visit MassDOT at our website:  blog:, or follow MassDOT on twitter at and Facebook at

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  2 comments for “MassDOT’s Official PR on their 5 Year Plan – Will Lynn get a real T stop?

  1. Regina Boratgis
    January 12, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    I always said I’d be retired bore the blue line came to Lynn. I’ve been retired for 3 years.

  2. Sharon, Lynn MA
    January 11, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Lynn definitely should have a T stop! Blue line, pink line, new line, whatever. Only good things would come from one! Free up road traffic, People who work in Boston would have better direct access to Lynn and other North Shore cities where where rent/homes are more affordable, Lynn/north shore citizens would have better access to job opportunities in/around Boston (which could possibly decrease unemployment & crime?) as well as access to attractions, culture & shopping. Lynn has been trekking back to being a great city to live in. There are many positive things here in Lynn… diversity, close to many great medical centers, convenience to many things, etc! It only make sense to connect us to Boston more! This would be positive progress.

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