Pat Nelson releasing solo album at Walnut St. Cafe

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Lynn musician and Colony Vegetable front-man Pat Nelson is releasing “Simple Division” at the place where his live performing career began, Walnut Street Cafe, 157 Walnut Street in Lynn, on April 4th.

“Its been a labor of love that represents one 16 hour day in the studio,” says Nelson,  “and several months of careful editing and mixing and mastering.” He had help from one of his best friends, audio guru Justin Gallo, who also engineered the studio recording and played some tambourine. The album also features guitar, banjo, and percussion by local guitar wizard and long-time collaborator Michael Strakus, with whom Nelson often performs with as the duo, “Strakus & Nelson”. Strakus & Nelson perform tonight, 3-22-14, at the Chit-Chat Lounge in Haverhill




“Simple Division itself is kind of like a sketch, a record of my impressions of the past few years in song-form.” – Pat Nelson.




This mostly acoustic album is somewhat of a departure from what he’s been doing with rock, funk and jam bands in the recent past. “Although the first few songs are somewhat topical and visceral in nature, the rest of the CD is really a summation of my experiences dealing with being human, losing things we love and moving forward.”

Nelson explains, “I was listening to a lot of English singer-songwriter Nick drake at the time and dealing with a lot of heavy things while writing a good portion of the tunes, and I think part of the goal was to communicate what I had learned from those feelings in an accessible way. I’ve certainly always felt music in personal sense was a form of emotional alchemy, in which I could take life circumstances and transmute them / encapsulate them into a song so they could be better understood, and dealt with. In the past playing in bands, I would watch with glee as songs I had written from a place of pain made people dance in a bar room!”

Physical copies of the album will be available at the show for $5. After April 4th, the album will be online. Copies of the album will be raffled at the show along with an original piece of art by Pat Nelson.

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