Concert and fireworks delayed until Sunday

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This just in from Mayor Kennedy’s office –

The Lynn/Swampscott Fireworks Show has been delayed until Sunday, July 6th due to the approaching weather and unsafe seas. The event and the time is still the same:


7 p.m. Concert
7:30 p.m. Lynn Shore Drive from Nahant Street to Swampscott will be closed.
9 p.m. Fireworks start.


Thank you for you anticipated cooperation. In the event of future communications regarding this event, they will be posted on

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Typical jump to the gun response. Boston would have lost the Beach Boys due to prior commitments.

Kevin, I have it on good authority that it was the vendor who postponed and gave us Sunday as our only option. They cite rough seas, which are not a problem on the protected Charles River.


so boston moves it to the 3rd to avoud the storm that took over 24 hours to go from middle of florida to south carolina (where it is now 230pm thurs 7/3)
and these moron inbeciles cancel lynn and move it to sunday when there is a slim chance the weather even hits conneticut before midnight…. what morons!!!!!!!!! i guess the 3rd is good for the idiots in office in boston but not in lynn!!!