Hawkins takes helm of Lynn Community Association

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Passing the gavel 2014300

Mary Trahan passes LCA gavel to Tyron Hawkins

In a meeting Sunday, October 5th, the Lynn Community Association’s Board of Directors installed Tyron Hawkins, a/k/a local performer, “Walnut, da Lyrical Geni”, as President of the Association. Hawkins, a 17-year Lynn resident, is the second President of the Association, following a six year tenure by Mary Trahan.


Ms. Trahan said she feels it is good to bring new blood to the head of the organization, and Hawkins has served the past year as Vice President. She has led the LCA since its beginning in 2008 as the East Lynn Community Association, and through the change to Lynn Community Association, in 2012.. “I believe we’ve made some great strides and now we are city-wide, but there is always more work to be done. We’re just getting started,” says Ms. Trahan. “Our bylaws call for an officer to serve only six years in any position consecutively. That only makes sense for us, so we can bring a fresh perspective and energy to the Association.” Trahan will continue on the Board and will serve in capacity of treasurer.

Tyron Hawkins indicated that current programs will remain essentially intact, “My goal is to continue with LCA’s tradition of bringing the community together. Community starts at home. I believe it is important for kids to learn the values of keeping a safe and clean environment and to adopt ownership and pride at a young age. It can be very contagious and that’s a good thing. It is disappointing listening to an outsider giving negative reviews about the city of Lynn, and the majority of them have never visited this fine place. A key goal is to help promote the rich history and hidden gems that Lynn has to offer. Lynn holds culture and diversity where many cities and towns do not. There are so many resources in Lynn for the people of this city to tap into. And Lynn Community Association is proud to assist with helping that process along. Lynn is full of amazing, caring, ambitious, creative, thoughtful and brilliant people. Yeah, that’s something to be proud of.”

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Congrats, Walnut! 🙂