5 Questions: Eric Hutchinson

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Eric Hutchinson is a singer-songwriter whose album Sounds Like This won praise from gossip blogger Perez Hilton, which sent it to the top ten on the iTunes Store back in 2008. He will be bringing his “City & Sand” tour to Royale Boston October 27th.



SD: Do you write the lyrics or the music first for your songs?

EH: A little bit of both. Any good song starts with the melody. I can’t sing a song if it doesn’t have a good melody.

SD: Your songs are really fun and funky. What’s your songwriting process like?

EH: It’s a very intense process. I don’t sleep. As an example, I woke up last night with an idea in my head. I lock myself in my studio and emerge a week later with a few finished songs. Having a finished song is a great feeling.

SD: You attended Emerson and you are kicking-off your “City & Sand” tour here in Boston. Have you come full circle?

EH: I love Boston so much! It is such a magical city and I love coming back. I always try and stay and extra day so I can hit all my old spots. The only bummer is the Red Sox season is over. I love going to a game.

SD: Since releasing your first album, how have your growth both personally and professionally?

EH: I am a lot more positive and happy then I was when I wrote my first album. The new album is more positive. I have a great band. They were so hot and tight I knew I needed to get out on the road more.

SD: I read that you “love eating.” What was your favorite place to eat when you lived here?

EH: I love eating, I do it every day (he laughs) .One of my favorite places to eat is “Neptune Oyster” in the North End. They have great oysters and buttermilk Johnny cakes.

For more information on Eric visit www.erichutchinson.com and to purchase tickets to see Eric at Royale Boston on October 27th visit www.ticketmaster.com

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