Review – Get kooky with the creepy Addams Family

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at the Stoneham Theatre

Review by Lynn resident Steve Duffy –




Based on the Charles Addams’ beloved and bizarre family, The Addams Family: Musical, is light and sitcom-like.



When Gomez’ (Steve Gagliastro) delightfully sinister daughter Wednesday (Sarah Pothier) falls in love, she confides in her father that she and Lucas (Jordan Ahnquist) are engaged. She also makes him promise to keep the secret from his beloved Morticia (Vanessa Dunleavy). When she announces that the normal boy from Ohio is also coming over for dinner with his straight-laced boring parents (Jeff Mahoney and Ceit Zweil), Gomez is distracted and distraught over being asked to keep a secret and he feels torn between his loyalties. Of course the rest of the family is going to help make this the worst dinner party of all. Pugsley (Phillip Dragone) is afraid that his big sister is going to leave him behind and not torture him anymore. Uncle Fester (Thomas Derrah) enlists the ancestors to help make sure that true love prevails and Grandma (Kathy St. George) contributes to the mayhem at dinnertime. Lurch (Colby Morgan) does what he does best, lurches. Will the Addams be able to pull off “normal” and welcome the new family into their kookiness?

For any fans of the television series, there are a few references to the very first episode (Morticia plucks the flowers off the stems and Uncle Fester places a bulb into his mouth and it lights up).

The entire cast is exceptional. As the patriarchs, Gagliastro and Dunleavy are delightful. They both embody their roles with the fun and excitement you would expect. Derrah, who portrays Uncle Fester, was funny and performed with so much glee. I would see the show again just to watch him and Gagliastro perform.

Kathy St. George was wonderful as Grandma. She performed her lines with just enough campiness and hilarity.

The ensemble, who portrays the Addams ‘ ancestors, at times, felt like an afterthought.

As always, the set design is simple and adds to the magic of it all.

It’s ghoulishly fun for the entire family and the perfect Halloween treat!

Running Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes with one 15 minute intermission.

The Addams Family runs now through November 9, 2014. For more information and tickets visit or call the box office at 781-279-2200.

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