5 Questions: Larkin Poe

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5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy –
Larkin Poe




Rebecca and Megan Lovell have being making music together since they were children. Now they are taking their act on the road (minus the hair brush microphone) and are performing as Larkin Poe.



SD: Your new album “Kin” is a little grittier and heavier than your more bluegrass roots beginnings. Was that a conscience decision?

RL: We have a very musical pedigree. We started playing classical music at a very young age. My mom would play classical music and then our dad would be playing classic rock. It was more of a natural organic growth to combine the two and produce “Kin”

SD: Why did you name the band for your great-great-grandfather?

RL: When our older sister, Jessica, left the band, we wanted to keep a name with familiar brand. After doing some research and finding that our grandfather was a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe, we thought we would name it after him.

SD: Does being sisters make it easier to perform together or more difficult?

ML: Both! It is really a double swirl of both. It really helps when we are writing together, because we are able to share the same brain wave. We like to say we are soul extensions of each other, but we also do acknowledge that it can be trouble.

SD: Creativity seems to run in the family, who have been your influences musically?

RL: I love this question because it is always changes for me. It was singer-song writer Jeff Buckley that made me want to be an artist. Megan: For me, its guitarist Derek Trucks. I love how he uses his instrument as his voice. Rebecca: Over the past few weeks, I have been listening to Bob Dylan. I never really got him before but after listening to him, he has definitely made an impression on me. Megan: I also love Pink Floyd.

SD: What is next for Larkin Poe?

ML: Our new album “Kin” was just released in the U.S. Our video for “Don’t,” which is our girl rock anthem will be coming out soon. After our current tour, we will get back to writing for our next record.

For more information on the show and to purchase tickets to see Larkin Poe at The Red Room @ Café 939 on November 1st visit www.larkinpoe.com

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