5 Questions – Trace Adkins

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5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy

trace-tour-1_3Country star Trace Adkins will hit the road on November 14th for The Christmas Show 2014 Tour, continuing the holiday tradition he started last year with this reverent theatrical and musical production for the whole family.

SD: What made you want to do a Christmas album?

TA: I wanted to do one for a long time. A friend of mine, Michael, has done a few Celtic instrumental records and I told him when I was ready to make a Christmas record, I wanted it to have a Celtic sound. It took me about 15 years, but with his help, we got it done. Musically, this album (The Kings Gift) is the most beautiful thing that I have been a part of it. I never get tired of performing it, plus it helps that I have a great 12-piece orchestra touring with me.

SD: What is your favorite Christmas song to sing and why?

TA: I have always loved performing Mel Tormé “The Christmas Song.” It is such a beautiful song and unfortunately it is not on the Christmas album.

SD: What is your most memorable Christmas memory?

TA: I was 10 years old and I got my first real guitar. It was a Yamaha and my father told me how to play.

SD: Have you made any changes from last year’s Christmas show?

TA: We are adding a new song, “Christmas in the Trenches.” It is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of 1914 “Christmas Truce.” The British and German troops spontaneously stopped fighting on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas.

SD: What are your thoughts on fruitcake – delicious or doorstop?

TA: Doorstop!

For more information on Trace visit www.traceadkins.com and to purchase tickets to see Trace at the Wilbur theatre on November 16th visit ticketmaster.

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