Photos of funny at Walnut Street Cafe

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Building Community Series’ “Don’t Laugh, I’m Just Trying to be Funny” is a comedy series featuring mostly women.

“Although I really enjoy male comics, the comedy world is so saturated with men.” says organizer Tyron Hawkins (aka Walnut Da Lyrical Geni). “I strongly believe that more recognition and support for women comics is needed. Building Community Series aims to do just that.”

The jokes were (mostly) non-visual so you had to be there, but here’s the photos of the folks who brought the funny to Walnut Street Cafe for two packed shows last night. This is the 9:30pm show.


Walnut Da Lyrical Geni and Eric Houde

Walnut Da Lyrical Geni (Tyron Hawkins) organized and emceed the event. He is a performer as well, having produced his own rap albums and being a part of the ensemble Brown Chicken Brown Cow. To the right is Eric Houde of Brown Chicken Brown Cow, also a regular solo musician at Walnut Street. The two of them are performing Houde’s song, “Applesauce,” which includes a dramatic eating of a little cup of the stuff.


Comedienne Patty Punch


Kesha Washington


Gypsy Howling Wolf


Suzi Berlin


About the comediennes –

Patty Punch “Baby Boomahperforms at the Winners Circle in Salisbury, MA. where there’s a drink named after her. It’s also where Justin McKinney from Comedy Central works out new jokes! She goes to the Walnut St Café regularly on Wednesday nights where Tony Toledo hosts and also performs in New Hampshire at Fody’s, The Arena and The SoHo.

Kesha Washington
Painfully shy as a teenager, so she claims.
Loves LL Cool J’s Lips.
Went on Stage in 2010 for fun.

Gypsy Howling Wolf is one of those Native American, Jewish, Irish women you’re always hearing about. All kidding aside, I’m sure you never heard of one of her mix before – genocide being so succinct both across the pond and locally, but in Chicago in the 70’s two diverse people connected and 9 months later – voila, Gypsy arrived on the scene! Fast forward to 2014 and it is Dr. Gypsy, college professor, standup comic, and though she can not cook, she makes great reservations! (Native American joke/double entendre intended.)

Suzi Berlin is fearless onstage performing all over the New England area, NYC, and Chicago. Suzi’s comedy will take you to another dimension…where she spends most of her life. The rest of the time she lives in Boston.

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