Griffin House to play Me & Thee in December

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December 12, 2014
me & thee coffeehouse
28 Mugford St., Marblehead

Tickets are available for $20-23 by calling 781-631-8987 or visiting

Griffin House didn’t begin playing guitar and writing songs until he was 18. The power of his music struck an emotional connection with audiences immediately.  The athletically gifted House shocked his family by turning down a golf scholarship to focus on a new path making music, but there were some issues to deal with first – he couldn’t play the guitar he’d bought from and friend, nor had he ever written a song.  He took a couple lessons, wrote a song for his old high school girlfriend and brought her to tears when he played it for her.  He was hooked, “What I was drawn to was the power of the song, how it could affect people emotionally.”

After graduating, he joined some of his buddies who’d moved to Nashville,
started doing solo gigs and, within months, he was headlining. That just
doesn’t happen. Catching the eye of music industry honcho’s, House signed
with Nettwerk and banged out his first CD with his band in five days.  He
spent most of the subsequent three years on the road, recording several
“direct-to-fan” releases, a pair of EPs (House of David Vol. 1 & 2) and the
2006 digital release *Homecoming*. Phew!

His intelligent and heart-felt lyrics and melodies in such songs as “The
Guy Who Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind” and “Better Than Love” from
his 8th and current release *BALLS* have garnered commercial and critical
acclaim alike.  From being featured on the *CBS Sunday Morning Show, to touring
with the likes of John Mellencamp and the Cranberries, House continues to
gain national recognition headlining his own tour across the U.S.  And most
recently, Griffin can be heard on the Jackson Browne Tribute album ‘*Looking
Into You*’ with his amazing cover of *Barricades of Heaven*.

Take a listen on soundcloud.


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