Artists at the Atlantic Silent & Live Auction

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The Lynn Museum / LynnArts held a live and silent auction Saturday night under the heading of its current exhibit, which includes new and old Lynn Beach paintings, some created on location during the Museum’s “en plein air” or “in the open air” event back in September. As pictured, beer and wine packages were also very popular at the fundraiser, which supported the newly combined Lynn Museum/LynnArts – a two building campus encompassing history and the arts.


Representative-elect and City Councilor-at-Large Brendan Crighton as auctioneer
with Lynn Museum/LynnArts president Joseph Scanlon

Disclosure from the editor: I would have had better / more photos, but I was working this event as a board member and donating sound and DJ services through LynnHappens’ parent company, upsidemedia, LLC. (A real public address system was in play – not the combined speaker/podium, which was unplugged.) Contact upsidesound by upsidemedia through LynnHappens, if you wish – “Microphones for every occasion.”



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