The new trash and recycling program begins tomorrow. Are you ready?

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Julia Greene, the city’s new Recycling Coordinator, has started a blog to help educate residents.

Totes waiting for Dec 1

Image sourced from Trash Talkin’ Lynn

In her blog’s profile section she says:

“I love talking trash–reducing it, recycling it or reusing stuff; and helping people in Lynn learn the new rules around waste disposal and recycling. Hopefully, I can help people to recycle more and trash less so we can live in a cleaner and more beautiful city.”

Check out the most recent City Council video and you’ll hear lots of questions. Trash Talkin’ Lynn just may have an answer for your question in this FAQ-style post.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to welcome a new blog to Lynn Blogs. Check out Trash Talkin’ Lynn.



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jim barton

we have lived under the new system for awhile now we are a single family home but have 8 people living here use to put out 2-3 barrels a week and 2 plus full size barrels every two weeks now we have to cut down to one and one with overflow bags so we have to through more recycle in the trash to compensate for less room we can’t afford $264 a year to bring things back to what we were doing so I would say it is not working very well


I’m excited about this program, and the barrels are fantastic. Something I do when I shop is to look at packaging: I buy products that are over-packaged or wrapped in non-recyclable material only when unavoidable. (I absolutely LOATHE shrink-wrapped produce). I even avoid those plastic bags people use to pre-wrap their produce. That produce has been picked, packaged, shipped and unloaded by plenty of hands already.. a four-foot trip on a checkout belt is not going to hurt. I think about my habits as a consumer as the first step in the recycling process.

This is great news for the #community!

The new trash and recycling program begins tomorrow. Are you ready?

The new trash and recycling program begins tomorrow. Are you ready? | Lynn Happens