5 Questions: Ronan Tynan of The Irish Tenors

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5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy –

RTynanThe Irish Tenors bring their holiday celebration to the Lynn Auditorium this Friday night. Ronan Tynan, one third of the world-renowned group, recently spoke with me by phone.

SD: Doctors told your parents that you would likely never walk; you have won 18 gold medals in the Paralympics. What moved you to achieve these remarkable accomplishments?

RY: When you have parents that have a great moral compass and a tremendous amount of faith and belief in you, you can overcome anything. My mom knew exactly what she wanted for all her children, especially me. She carved my footsteps in the sand, you could say.

SD: What is it about Irish music has made it become popular here in the US over the years?

RY: It is real quality. You don’t have to work hard to hear every word. Irish music tells a story and paints a picture for the listener.

SD: I read that you love horseback riding. How did you get interested in it?

RY: I was born with Phocomelia, which caused both my lower legs to be underdeveloped and riding horses as a child was an escape for me.

SD: You sang at President Regan’s funeral, what was that experience like for you?

RY: I felt a little pressure (he says with a laugh). There were 48 million people watching on TV, plus a lot of world leaders and dignities. It truly was a great honor and one of the best experiences in my life.

SD: What can the audience expect to see/hear?

RY: It will be a great big holiday celebration. I love performing and seeing the reactions from the audience. They are the ones who make it truly a wonderful experience.

For more information on Ronan visit www.ronantynan.net and to purchase tickets to see him perform Friday night at the Lynn Auditorium with the Irish Tenors visit www.lynnauditorium.com.

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