5 Questions: Santa Claus

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With Christmas right around the corner, Santa Claus took a few moments to speak with me before his schedule gets too hectic.


SD: How do you manage to deliver all the presents in one night?

SC: (Ho, Ho, Ho) The magic of Christmas freezes time for me on Christmas Eve. Time goes on for you, but I have infinite space and time that helps me get so much done in a small amount of time.

SD: How do you decide who gets on the naughty or nice list?

SC: I have an elf who maintains the naughty and nice list all year for me. He also keeps watch on my magic ball. He records all the naughty and nice things you do. If your naughty things are more than your nice, then you will be on the naughty list.

SD: Where do you keep the Reindeer in the North Pole?

SC: They live in a spacious barn near my home. They have lots of room to practice their flying. They do rest a lot especially now, so they are ready for their big night of flying around the world.

SD: What is your favorite cookie?

SC: I love all kinds of cookies. The best part about being Santa is that I get to eat all kinds of cookies every Christmas Eve from all around the world.

SD: After being so busy on Christmas Eve, how do you spend Christmas Day?

SC: I sleep in (he chuckles). After I wake up, Mrs. Claus makes me a delicious lunch and then we sit in our rocking chairs drinking hot cocoa and talk about my exciting night of delivering all the presents to all the wonderful children. Also, I just want to wish all your readers, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very happy New Year!


To see Santa on Christmas Eve see this post for the Christmas Eve Parade route  (he slows time enough to participate) and also visit www.noradsanta.org.

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