5 Questions: Anthony Edwards

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5 Questions is a feature by Steve Duffy –

aeAnthony was born and raised in Burbank California with his identical twin brother Eddie. Both boys were fascinated with celebrities at a very early age. Living near the famous NBC TV studios in Burbank, they would sneak in and watch various TV shows being taped. After having successful careers separately, Carol Burnett suggested they joined forces and they became “The Edwards Twins: 2 Brothers – 100 Celebrities.”

SD: Carol Burnett suggested that you and Eddie perform together. Was there any hesitation at first?

AE: Yes! Eddie (my brother) wanted a career by himself. He was concerned about combining forces because he wanted his independence. It took him a while before he decided to give it a shot. It also helped that he took to heart the advice that Carol gave us. There were no twin acts that were doing what we were doing. It has been a great career and I am glad he made the right decision.

SD: How was it decided who would perform as the male and female impersonator?

AE: When we teamed up, I had already been performing as men celebrities. At one time, I was performing as a female impersonator, but I was not as good as Eddie, so the choice was clear.

SD: Having been performing together for over 20 years, how do you keep the show relevant?

AE: We are always adding new characters. However, you have to be very careful about changing up the rotation of the show too much. The fans like what they know. We work with the characters that people know and will never get tired of. If we took out Cher or Barbara, the audience would go crazy. This year, Eddie will be performing as Bette Milder. He will also be performing as Barbara/The Phantom. As for me, I do have a new surprise for the Stoneham audience this year.

SD: Who is the most difficult celebrity to impersonate?

AE: Andrea Bocelli is difficult. He has an amazing voice and look that you just cannot fake . I am working on some new characters – James Blunt, Ray Charles, Andy Williams, and Johnny Mathis. To really pull it off and be successful with anyone you impersonate, the voices and the look have to be perfect. For Eddie, his difficulty comes from performing as Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga.

SD: Being an impersonator, you perform as so many great celebrities. Is there one celebrity that you would love to perform with?

AE:   For me, it would be Elton John. He has seen me perform. For Eddie, it would be Cher. Cher is known to hire impersonators to work with her and he would just love that opportunity. Eddie started performing as Celine Dion and when she found out, Eddie was able to meet her and spend some time with her backstage. After the meeting, we received a call from her manager saying that Celine had watched us on YouTube and loved us.

**Disclaimer: The Edwards Twins are being presented by, not produced by, the Stoneham Theatre.

For more information on The Edwards Twins visit www.theedwardstwins.com and to purchase tickets to see them at the Stoneham Theatre January 8-11th visit www.stonehamtheatre.org.

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