Developer has high hopes under the tracks

Video lets you see inside the future "Shops at Mt. Vernon"

Old-timers may remember the former location of the Central Square Stop on the Boston and Maine RR and the businesses under the tracks alongside Mt. Vernon Street. A portion of those former storefronts is owned by the city, with no immediate plans for renovation due to some water infiltration from the rail bed above.

But the city of Lynn doesn’t own all of it. Cisco Meneses has a solution for the eight spaces he’s building in his side. He’s one of the rare private owners of this type of under-railroad (for lack of a better term) real estate left, and he’s building a structure within a structure. It has a watertight roof with a drainage system to handle the occasional drips that come from the rail overpass. The ceiling will then be insulated in such a way to both conserve energy and reduce noise from above. The work is – and has been underway for some time.

Here’s a rather lengthy but comprehensive video Meneses made. It begins with a slideshow, but about two-minutes in he starts his narrated video tour that takes you on the inside. We’re posting this because it’s an enormous indoor space, right under our noses, that few have seen in a long time.

Meneses had sample plans drawn for a variety of potential businesses such as pubs, cafes, salons, and a drive-through. Yes, it has drive through. The site’s drive-through access, approved by the city, is partially out-of-sight. It would make deliveries nearly invisible to the surrounding community downtown.

Full plans of 1-8 stores

Floor plans for 8 businesses — Click to view larger size


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  1. lisa
    January 9, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    This is a wonderful addition to our city. It’s going to look gorgeous. Congratulations!

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